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Are CPUs Not Going to Get any Faster?


We’ve come to expect increased performance from each new line of CPUs to be introduced in recent years, but the next generation of CPUs have apparently hit a wall in terms of speed.  There are several reasons for this, including bandwidth limitations, but the most serious is power consumption and heat.  Modern CPUs consume more power than their predecessors and generate so much heat they have reached the limits of what they can do speedwise, at least as currently designed.  In the short term, chip manufacturers such as Intel will look to design CPUs that are more efficient and use less power, thus generating less heat, but there are limits to what this strategy can achieve.  Perhaps in the future we can expect a radical redesign of how computers process information.


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Bing versus Google

Microsoft has been aggresively promoting its search engine, Bing to compete with Google.  Recent efforts include merging pay per click advertising with Yahoo and integrating some features with Facebook.  Bing has a long way to go to catch up to Google however.  Recent statistics have Google comfortably in the lead with about 64% of the search engine market to Bing’s 11%.  Yahoo comes in at 20%.  I wouldn’t count out Microsoft though.  I still remember when Netscape dominated the browser market back in the mid 1990s, when Internet Explorer first came along.


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News From the Front in the War Against Hackers

In the ongoing battle against internet security breaches, we are one step behind the hackers, according to a recent article in Information Week.  As hard as IT security professionals work to keep information safe, hackers are working even harder and developing new strategies.  According to the author Greg Shipley, “We face more and larger breaches, increased costs, more advanced adversaries, and a growing number of public control failures.”  You can read the full article here: Outgunned: How Security Tech is Failing Us


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Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft released the beta version of Internet Explorer 9 this month, and so far the reviews have been generally positive.  New features include  a streamlined design, the ability to pin favorite websites directly to the  taskbar, enhanced tabbed browsing, hardware acceleration, and improved security features.  The interface features a new cleaner look that  bears a resemblance to more streamlined browsers such as Opera and Chrome.  To try it out for yourself, click here on Internet Explorer 9


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How To Windows 7

Want to get the most out of Windows 7?  Check out this How To Use Windows 7 Guide.

The How to Use Windows 7: A Quick and Easy Guide provides step by step instructions to make learning and using Windows 7 on your computer a snap.  There are plenty of examples, complete with illustrations and screenshots, making it easy to find the answers you are looking for, especially for beginners and new users..  Topics include:

  • Navigating the Desktop
  • Using the Taskbar
  • Launching Programs
  • Disk and File Management
  • Control Panel Use
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Communications
  • Entertainment
  • And Much More

To get it, click on How To Windows 7  This handy guide covers the topics that you will need to know.


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Toshiba Satellites

If you are looking for a good laptop computer, check out the Toshiba Satellites.  Toshiba Satellites are a series of quality, affordable, general purpose laptops from Toshiba. Models of the Toshiba Satellites vary by size and specifications/features, and range from the desktop replacement Toshiba Satellite P500, with an 18.4-inch LCD monitor, to the ultra-portable Satellite T115 with an 11.6-inch LCD.  A good all purpose model is the A500. To learn more and purchase, click on Toshiba Satellites


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iPhone 4G Coverage from Verizon by Next Year

According to www.gizmag.com , you may be able to get iPhone service from Verizon as early as next year.  Up to this point, iPhones have been offered exclusively with AT&T coverage, which according to several sources has hurt iPhone sales.  Many consumers were unhappy with AT&T and were not willing to purchase an iPhone for that reason.  Customers will still be able to get AT&T coverage if they wish.  You can read the full post here iPhone  Or get the more information from Bloomberg here iPhone 4G.  I say it is about time.  Competition between vendors is usually a good thing for the consumer.


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Laptop Buying Guide

There are so many features and options available when buying a laptop that it can be a little overwhelming at first, but there are really only a few specifications that are important for most people.  To help out, I wrote a laptop buying guide that will make buying a laptop quick and painless.  To learn more, click on Laptop Buying Guide and sign up to receive your free copy.  Some of the issues I cover are: what CPU to get, how much memory do you need, what should you look for in an LCD monitor, etc.

In the guide, I  focus on the needs of the average home or business laptop buyer. Gamers and those using graphics intensive software may have requirements above those mentioned here, and will probably need higher end graphics cards and CPUs.  If you follow my recommendations, you should be able to buy a laptop that meets all your needs for well under $1,000.


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Repairing Computers

Interested in repairing laptop computers?  Check out this instructional video at Laptop Computer Repair It has 10 hours of step by step instruction by a laptop repair technician.


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Apple iPad: Breakthrough Technology or Piece of Junk?

Rarely has there been such a polarizing issue in the ongoing Apple vs. PC debate.  I read reviews of the iPad that range from calling it the “start of a new era” and “magical” to “the biggest flop in Apple’s history” and a “complete waste of money.”  Predictably, the Apple fanboys are nearly unanimous in their praise, while the PC techies are quick to condemn it.  To me, it seems like it combines features of a laptop and an iPhone, without having the full functionality of either.  Since I am already carrying around a laptop and a phone, I don’t see the need to carry around yet another piece of hardware.  Still, if you carry a laptop around for primarily recreational purposes, such as surfing the web,  you might consider the iPad, click here to purchase Apple iPad
  Just don’t expect it to replace your laptop computer.


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